Wintergreen Botanicals, LLC
Maria Noël Groves, Clinical Herbalist

My small herbal clinic & education center is nestled in the pine forests of Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire.

I see myself first and foremost as an educator. I believe that good health comes with understanding, empowerment, and the grace of our natural world. Nothing compares with the healing we experience when we connect with nature's bounty, whether it be food, medicinal herbs, or simply time spent outdoors.

Please feel free to peruse my site. My three-tiered business is based on classes, consultations, and freelance writing. However, this site offers more than just that. I hope to serve as a pivot point in your life. I'm overwhelmed by the wonderful healers, businesses, organizations and natural spaces in our community. I am happy to guide you to them. For this reason, you'll also find herbal recipes, book recommendations, links to local and holistic businesses, and much more on the pages.

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Photography by Maria Noël Groves

Photograph: The garden angel sits in a bed of blooming wild strawberries and phlox.

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