Continue Your Journey as an Herbalist

~ The Online Beyond the Home Herbalist Series ~

Taught by Clinical Herbalist Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG)

Want to deepen your studies in herbal medicine? This series picks up where the Home  Herbalist Series leaves off. Following a similar format,  in these nine classes, you'll learn about additional body systems and common health concerns, how to make unique medicinal remedies, and key concepts in herbal medicine as well as a slew of important herbs. Each class covers a body system and at least one remedy. For each body system or health concern, you'll learn how the body should work, how things get out of balance, and how to use herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes to bring it back into balance. Common health concerns will also be covered, from the strong bones to brain health, chronic pain, to skin health.

The course material closely follows Maria's best-selling, award-winning Body into Balance book, which has become required reading in many herb schools across the nation. While it's not essential to own a copy of the book because your class notes also cover the material, you'll find the book a handy companion with additional tidbits not in the notes.

The Beyond the Home Herbalist Series can be taken as a stand-alone series to give beginner and intermediate herb students a solid base in herbalism so that you're comfortable and capable of using them safely and effectively in your home -- for yourself, your family, and your friends. While you will be better off having taken the Home Herbalist Series first because it covers so much core material, it is not absolutely necessary. You can further your studies with the Advanced Herbalist Training Program (currently only available as a live classroom program, possible distance program TBA in 2020). The Home Herbalist and Beyond the Home Herbalist Series are an excellent launching points for further studies to become a clinical, professional herbalist.

Certificates will be granted to students who work through all course material and complete all series homework.

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MariaRobinCarterBeyond the Home Herbalist Series

Course Overview

Class 1: Backyard Medicine | Tea Blending

Class 2: Herbal Safety | Herb-Infused Broths

Class 3: Longevity & Vitality | Cordials, Elixirs & Oxymels

Class 4: Brain-Boosting Herbs | Brainiac Bonbons

Class 5: Strong Bones | Nourishing Infusions & Seaweed Snacks

Class 6: Managing Chronic Pain | Gin Raisins or Topical Pain Oil

Class 7: Strong Lungs | Herbal Cough Syrup

Class 8: Healthy Skin with Herbs | Flower Water & Herbal Exfoliant

Class 9: Herbal Allies for Weight Loss | Herbal Chocolate Truffles!

About Distance/Online Study

The online version of this series is perfect for students far from Allenstown or those without the flexibility to commit to a set schedule of classes. Study the same course content at your own pace with...

•  Lengthly class notes with recipes
•  Audio mp3 files of live classes
•  Exclusive access to remedy-making videos
•  Homework assignments and feedback
• Access to an online community of Maria's students

Download it all to your computer and revisit it as often as you'd like.

You can complete the material at your own place whenever you'd like. The course materials are yours forever.

Detailed Course Overview

Class 1

Backyard Medicine:
Basic Concepts & Favorite Medicinal Herbs from the Garden and Wild

Remedy Making: “Backyard Tea” Blending

One of the most rewarding aspects of herbal medicine is the empowerment of being able to harvest an herb in your backyard to feel better. This class will offer an overview of the basic concepts of backyard medicine including the most common remedy-making techniques, key New Hampshire herbs, and considerations for cultivating and wildcrafting local plants. Everyone will be able to blend a “backyard tea” to bring home

Class 2:

Herbal Safety:
Combining Herbs & Pharmaceuticals Safely
Remedy Making: Herb-Infused Broths

We will delve more deeply into herbal safety than we did in the Home Herbalist Series, discussing additional safety concerns and particularly how to use herbs safely even when you or someone you love is on many medications. We will also spend quite a bit of time revisiting and expanding our knowledge of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, simmering a nourishing and delicious broth. You’ll bring home an ounce of herbs to simmer at home; you can choose from ingredients that support overall health, nutrition, bones, immune health, thyroid, energy, vitality…

Class 3

Longevity & Vitality:
Plants that Slow Aging & Promote Good Health

Remedy: Cordial, Elixirs & Oxymels

Learn how to use safe, tonic herbs to boost your vitality no matter what your age! Maria will share some of her favorite herbs from the pages of her book Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care. Learn which herbs improve brain function, provide calm energy, fight oxidative stress, fend off common chronic diseases, help us age more gracefully, and more. During this class, everyone will get to blend a four-ounce tasty longevity cordial, elixir, or oxymel (honey-vinegar base) to bring home.

Class 4

Brain-Boosting Herbs

Remedy Making: Brainiac Bonbon

Feeling foggy lately? Learn about some amazing, safe herbs that enhance brain circulation, reduce the effects of stress, energize, and have proven memory-enhancing effects. We'll also discuss helpful foods and lifestyle techniques to keep your brain running top-notch whether you're a student, a busy parent, or approaching old age and are concerned about mental decline. Together, we’ll make bonbons (more formally called an electuary in herbal medicine) with energy and memory herbs and foods to bring home.

Class 5

Strong Bones for Life

Remedy Making: Super Nourishing Infusion & Seaweed Sesame Snacks

We'll explore the facts and confusion surrounding bone health, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium, acid-alkaline balance, and weight-bearing exercise. Maria will take you on a photo journey through the garden to explore mineral-rich herbs and weeds that can have a profound effect on estrogen balance, bone loss, and bone formation. Learn how to make strong teas, broths, and yummy recipes with these herbs to encourage bone strength at any age. We’ll muddle through fact and myth, food and supplements, look at the traditions of cultures with the strongest bones, and do a few fun activities to make your bones stronger. You’ll get to taste a nutritive Super Infusion with bone-building herbs and get to blend your own to bring home. Maria will also cook up a seaweed and sesame seed snack to sample.

Class 6:

Managing Chronic Pain

Remedy Making: Gin Raisins or Pain Oil/Liniment

Headaches, migraines, back pain, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia. These are not easy conditions to treat. However, it’s worth sleuthing out the cause of your pain and looking at it as a task master rather than something to overcome and ignore. Through this, you can achieve better health and less pain. We’ll discuss natural pain-relieving herbs as well as useful minerals, supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes. Everyone will get to make a four-ounce batch of the old timer remedy Gin Raisins for arthritis and inflammation or a topical pain oil/liniment. 

Class 7:

Strong Lungs
Remedy Making: Herbal Cough Syrup

We often take our ability to breathe for granted, but when chronic or acute illness prevents our lungs from functioning properly, it can be very scary. We’ll discuss herbs that can support the lungs in a variety of conditions including asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and stubborn colds. We’ll use some of the better-tasting lung herbs to make cough syrup for everyone to bring home. (I’ll also share some cough drop and lozenge recipes, but I personally feel like the syrup is both easier and more effective.) 

Class 8:

Healthy Skin with Herbs

Remedy Making: Herbal Exfoliant & Flower Water

Your skin is the manifestation of your body. Learn how herbs and dietary changes can significantly improve (and, in some cases, eliminate) common skin issues including eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infections, even aging! You’ll come to understand how closely linked your skin is with the health of your digestive system, liver, nervous system, and general lifestyle. We’ll discuss remedies that provide quick relief as well as healthy lifestyle tips to help your skin glow. We’ll make an aromatic flower water to share. Everyone will also get to make a specially crafted skin exfoliant scrub.

Class 9:

Herbal Allies for Weight Loss

Remedy Making: Herbal Chocolate!

You know that a healthy diet and exercise are crucial to achieve a healthy weight, but perhaps you need a nudge to help you maintain your goals and accelerate the process? Many herbs safely boost metabolism, curb cravings, and give you the energy to keep up your exercise routine. Learn which plants to turn to for your weight loss challenges and which ones to avoid due to potentially dangerous side effects. We'll also discuss herbal therapies for sneaky weight loss saboteurs including stress, blood sugar, and thyroid issues. We’ll make a batch of herbal chocolate for everyone to bring home to satisfy a sweet tooth healthfully.

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Certificates will be granted to students who work through all course material and complete all series homework.

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A new and improved version of the Beyond the Home Herbalist Series is in the works! It will include recorded webinars with longer, more detailed lectures. This will cost more than the current series. Students who register for this original version will always maintain access to these original materials and may also upgrade to the improved version. Stay Tuned