Begin Your Journey as an Herbalist

~ The Online Home Herbalist Series ~

Taught by Clinical Herbalist Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG)

Fascinated by plant medicine but not sure where to begin your herbal studies? Empower yourself in herbal medicine with Maria's Home Herbalist Series. In these nine classes, you'll learn the core body systems, primary medicinal remedies, and key concepts in herbal medicine as well as a slew of important herbs. Each class covers a body system and at least one remedy, with a few other topics speckled in throughout the series. For each body system, you'll learn how it works, how things get out of balance, and how to use herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes to bring it back into balance. Common health concerns will also be covered, from the cold and flu to PMS to indigestion and acid reflux.

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This beginner/intermediate course material closely follows Maria's best-selling, award-winning Body into Balance book, which has become required reading in many herb schools across the nation. While it's not essential to own a copy of the book because your class notes also cover the material, you'll find the book a handy companion with additional tidbits not in the notes.

The Home Herbalist Series can be taken as a stand-alone series to give beginner and intermediate herb students a solid base in herbalism so that you're comfortable and capable of using them safely and effectively in your home -- for yourself, your family, and your friends. You can further your studies with the Beyond the Home Herbalist Series (also available online). Both of these series are an excellent launching point for further studies to become a clinical, professional herbalist.

Certificates will be granted to students who work through all course material and complete all series homework.

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MariaRobinCarterHome Herbalist Series

Course Overview

Class 1: Introduction to Herbalism & Herbal Nutrition | The Art of Tea

Class 2: Stress & Energy: Adaptogens for Health | Tinctures

Class 3: Relaxation & Mood: Herbs for the Nervous System | Flower Essences

Class 4: Digestive Wellness: Herbs for the Upper & Lower GI | Herbal Oils

Class 5: Detoxification: Herbs for the Liver, Colon & Urinary Tract | Capsules

Class 6: Herbs to Support Blood Sugar Balance | Skin Salves

Class 7: Heart Health: Hypertension & Cholesterol | Herb Honey & Vinegar

Class 8: Herbs for Immunity, Allergies, Cold & Flu | Elderberry Syrup

Class 9: Herbs for Women & Men | Lip Balm, Cream, Bodycare

About Distance/Online Study

The online version of this series is perfect for students far from Allenstown or those without the flexibility to commit to a set schedule of classes. Study the same course content at your own pace with...

•  Lengthly class notes with recipes
•  Audio mp3 files of live classes
•  Exclusive access to remedy-making videos
•  Homework assignments and feedback
• Access to an online Facebook community of Maria's students
•  1-year American Herbalists Guild Student Membership (details here)
Coming soon/in the works: Webinar videos and a PDF of full-color slides with photos of the plants

Download it all to your computer and revisit it as often as you'd like.

You can complete the material at your own place whenever you'd like. The course materials are yours forever.

Detailed Course Overview

Class 1

Introduction to Herbalism & Herbal Nutrition

We’ll start off with a brief exploration into the art of herbalism and some herb safety basics. We’ll also discuss some of most nutritious, vita-mineral-rich herbs that provide the base for almost any herbal therapy. Then we’ll spend the bulk of this class covering our most important herbal remedy: tea.

Remedy Making: The Art of Tea

Maria will demonstrate the basics of harvesting herbs and making an infusion, decoction, and super infusion in the video. In the audio class and notes, Maria will discuss some of our most popular simple herb teas. Learn how to blend them for medicine and pleasure.

Class 2

Stress & Energy: Adaptogens for Health

Find yourself running on empty? We’ll learn about herbs that help your body withstand stress better to keep your mood and energy levels at top notch. We’ll also discuss herbs that help to relax your nervous system, relieve tension, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Remedy Making: Tinctures

Tinctures, or alcohol extracts of herbs, are easy to make, potent, and have a long shelf life. Learn how to make these indispensable remedies.

Class 3

Relaxation & Mood:
Herbs for the Nervous System

Find yourself running on empty? We’ll learn about herbs that help your body withstand stress better to keep your mood and energy levels at top notch. We’ll also discuss herbs that help to relax your nervous system, relieve tension, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Remedy Making: Flower Essences

The elusive yet practical flower essence can have profound benefits for our emotional health while having minimal side effects. (Note: These are not essential oils.)

Class 4

Digestive Wellness with Herbs

Does your belly ache or your heart  burn? Digestion is one of the most important body systems that we rely on, yet it often doesn’t function as well as it should. We’ll discuss our best herbal options for indigestion, heartburn, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and other common digestive trouble.

Remedy Making: Herbal Oils

Herbal oils may be used to help heal skin rashes, burns, bruises, fungus, sores, and some types of pain, depending on which herbs are used. In this video, you’ll learn a simple technique to make herbal oils for use on their own or to make salves. The notes will show you two other techniques to try and introduce you to some of our most useful topical healing herbs.

Class 5

Detoxification: Herbs for the Liver, Lymph, Colon & Urinary Tract

Throughout history humans have used the changing of the seasons and certain spiritual time periods to "cleanse" their bodies on a regular basis. Learn how food and herbs help your body remove toxins more efficiently and how to decide which ones are best for you.

Remedy Making: Capsules

Capsules can be a convenient way to take your herbs, particularly if you don’t like to taste them. Making your own capsules cost a lot less than buying them pre-made, and you can control exactly what goes into your pills. In this video, Maria will show you how easy it is to make capsules with homegrown or store-bought herbs.

BONUS! Introduction to Plant Identification

Learn the basics for understanding how to use field guides to properly identify plants. (Note that many of the resources offered are specific to New England, but you can use the basic concepts in any location.) In the live class, students practice identifying flowering plants using in-class field guides while other students are busy making capsules. In your home, I encourage you to practice identifying plants in your yard or region and to attend local plant walks. Also see the Virtual Herb Walk page of my website.

Class 6

Balancing Blood Sugar Naturally

Blood sugar balance has become an epidemic concern in America. Learn how diet and herbs like gymnema, cinnamon, and blueberries can help manage blood sugar—from basic sugar cravings to type 2 diabetes.

Remedy Making: Herbal Salves

Using herbal oils, or just olive oil, beeswax, and a few other ingredients, Maria will show you how to quickly make professional-looking and useful salves for all sorts of skin and body concerns.

BONUS: Herbal First Aid

We’ll also talk about how to create your own First Aid Kit and what kinds of products you might want to make or choose for your family’s needs.

Class 7

Hypertension & Cholesterol:
Herbs for the Cardiovascular System

Heart health is of utmost concern due to our diet, lifestyles, and aging. Learn how to use herbs, food, and dietary supplements to help manage these two common cardiovascular concerns. We’ll also discuss heart tonics that can be helpful in a variety of situations.

Remedy Making: Herbal Honey & Vinegar

Delicious herbal honeys and vinegars are a snap to make and keep for at least a year in the cupboard. Use them for medicine, flavor, and cooking. This class includes two separate videos for each technique.

Class 8

Allergies, Colds, the Flu & Respiratory Health:
Herbs for the Immune System

Our herbal arsenal is better equipped to handle viruses like the common cold and the flu than modern medicine. We’ll discuss foods and herbs to maintain a healthy immune system, as well as the ones we can call in when viral and bacterial infections strike. We’ll also discuss remedies that can help reduce seasonal allergies, both in-the-moment and long-term.

Remedy Making: Elderberry Syrup

This delicious remedy can support the immune system to protect against viral infections, sore throats, and more. In the video, you’ll see how easy and affordable it is to make an eight-ounce bottle of your own to last you through the winter.

Class 9

Women’s & Men’s Health:
Herbs for the Reproductive System

Some herbs can subtly and overtly manage our hormone cycles. We’ll discuss some of the common women’s and men’s health concerns including PMS, cramps, menopause, libido, and BPH.

Remedy Making: Lip Balms & Natural Bodycare

Once you realize how easy and inexpensive these all-natural bodycare items are to make, you’ll never drop coin in a department store again! Great for gifts, too! This collection of videos will show you how to make lip balm, body cream, aromatherapy sprays, bath salts, massage oil, and salt scrubs.

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Certificates will be granted to students who work through all course material and complete all series homework.

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