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Create Your Own Healing Garden

If you crave a backyard lush with medicinal herbs suited perfectly for your own health needs, this book is for you! Maria shares more than 50 of her favorite easy-to-grow healing plants in 23 themed healing gardens, chock full of recipes and remedies that you can make with those plants. Featuring both cultivated and common wild plants, this book will take your love for herbs a step further. The full-color, 300+ page book has just been released! $24.95 Softcover
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Maria's Bestselling First Book

Understand & Heal Your Body

Maria's groundbreaking first book teaches you not only about healing herbs but also how your body works and how to bring it back into balance with herbs, diet, and lifestyle. Dense with information, well organized, yet beautifully laid out and easy-to-read, you'll delve into common body systems and health concerns including including the nervous system, stress and the adrenals, digestion, detoxification, chronic pain, and more. $24.95 Softcover / $34.95 Hardcover
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