A Multitude of Herbal Education Opportunities!

Maria offers her core Home Herbalist Series and the Beyond the Home Herbalist Series in her Wintergreen Botanicals classroom in New Hampshire and online. In 2017 she will offer her first on-site herbalist intensive training program. Hundreds of students have completed these great study programs! However, Maria also offers affordable and free individual community classes. Many of Maria's classes feature topics covered in her her new book You can check out the rates and topics to SCHEDULE MARIA to come teach a special class for your group.


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MariaRobinCarterMaria's Special Herbal Study Series

Empower yourself in herbal medicine with Maria's Home Herbalist Series and the Beyond the Home Herbalist Series. Each of the nine classes in each series will introduce you to a body system - how it works, when things go wrong, and how to bring it back into balance with herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle - as well as a remedy-making technique. You'll finish the series with a strong background in herbal medicine, the ability to confidently use herbs in your home for everyday ailments and overall wellbeing, and a stocked home apothecary.

In My Classroom

Take part in the dynamic environment in the Wintergreen Botanicals classroom and gardens located in Allenstown, New Hampshire, surrounded by the pine forests of Bear Brook State Park. Enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow classmates, plant swaps, and other special opportunities. If you're able to make the drive and commitment, it's worth it! Free 30-minute herb walks before selected classes.


Perfect for students far from Allenstown or those without the flexibility to commit to a set schedule of classes. Study the same course content at your own pace with lengthly class notes and recipes, audio mp3 files of live classes, exclusive access to remedy-making videos on YouTube, and optional homework assignments. Download it all to your computer and revisit it as often as you'd like.


In the Classroom

At Wintergreen Botanicals, Allenstown, NH
2019 Summer Series ~ Wednesday Nights

June-August 6-9 pm
Click Here for Details
This Series is FULL.
Email office@wintergreenbotanicals.com to get on the wait list and receive first notice of 2020 registration.

The Home Herbalist Series

Same course material for both classroom and online versions:  

Class 1: Introduction to Herbalism & Herbal Nutrition | The Art of Tea
Class 2: Stress & Energy: Adaptogens for Health | Tinctures
Class 3: Relaxation & Mood: Herbs for the Nervous System | Flower Essences
Class 4: Digestive Wellness: Herbs for the Upper & Lower GI | Herbal Oils
Class 5: Detoxification: Herbs for the Liver, Colon & Urinary Tract | Capsules
Class 6: Herbs to Support Blood Sugar Balance | Skin Salves
Class 7: Heart Health: Hypertension & Cholesterol | Herb Honey & Vinegar
Class 8: Herbs for Immunity, Allergies, Cold & Flu | Elderberry Syrup
Class 9: Herbs for Women & Men | Lip Balm, Cream, Bodycare
Course registrations are nonrefundable.
Click here for series comparisons, certificate info, policies, and FAQ.


Check Out the Course Details
Available ANYTIME at Your Own Pace
$295 for the Online Series
Click Here to to Register for the Full Series
Try Class 1 for $25

individual classes available by request for $25/each


In the Classroom

At Wintergreen Botanicals, Allenstown, NH
2019 Autumn Series ~ Wednesday Nights
Sep - Nov 6-9 pm
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Register: $375
Schedule overview with dates here

Beyond the Home Herbalist Series

Same course material for both classroom and online versions:  

Class 1: Backyard Medicine | Tea Blending
Class 2: Herbal Safety | Herb-Infused Broths
Class 3: Longevity & Vitality | Cordials, Elixirs & Oxymels
Class 4: Brain-Boosting Herbs | Brainiac Bonbons
Class 5: Strong Bones | Nourishing Infusions & Seaweed Snacks
Class 6: Managing Chronic Pain | Gin Raisins or Topical Pain Oil
Class 7: Strong Lungs | Herbal Cough Syrup
Class 8: Healthy Skin with Herbs | Flower Water & Herbal Exfoliant
Class 9: Herbal Allies for Weight Loss | Herbal Chocolate Truffles!
Course registrations are nonrefundable.
Click here for series comparisons, certificate info, policies, and FAQ.


Check Out Course Details
Available ANYTIME at Your Own Pace
$250 for the Online Series
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individual classes available by request for $25/each


 Advanced Intensive Herbalist Training Program

In the Wintergreen Botanicals Classroom & Gardens, Allenstown, NH
Wednesdays 9:30 am - 4 pm
Early May - Mid November, 2019 (15 classes total)

This course is almost full - click here for details and to register!
Schedule overview with dates here

Develop your skills as an herbalist to do what you love as a business!
This series offers a range of information in an intensive classroom format with approximately 90 hours of in class time plus an additional 50-90 hours of integrative at-home study homework (including detailed monographs, research, plant ID, seeing clients, custom formulation, final project/presentation). Gain and practice a range of skills to help you turn your love of herbalism into a career or to deepen your home practice. Maria Noel Groves is the primary course instructor; however, various herbal expert guest speakers will join us throughout the series. Students who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.

The Advanced  series can be taken as a stand-alone program for students who already have a solid background in Western herbal medicine. However, it is also a component of Maria's 3-part Herbalist Intensive Training Certificate Program (alongside the Home Herbalist Series and Beyond the Home Herbalist Series). New herbal students should take the Home Herbalist and Beyond series alongside or before the advanced series.
Register Now for $1500

Advanced Series Details - click here for more details

Herbalist Intensive Training Certificate Program - click here to learn more
This is a combination of all three of my series.


 Online Classes ~ Quick Links

Maria offers a variety of online classes. You'll receive all class/course materials via email within two business days of your purchase, and you'll be able to complete the classes on your own time. They all include remedy-making videos and detailed class notes. Several also include audio mp3 recordings of the full class. You may request any individual class ($25/each) from the Home Herbalist or Beyond the Home Herbalist Series by registering here.

Click Here to View & Register for Maria's Online Classes


•  Try Class 1 from the Home Herbalist Series $25•
Home Herbalist Series $295
•  Beyond the Home Herbalist Series $250
•  Any Individual Class from the Either Series $25/class
•  Gut Repair Class $40
•  Immune/Elder Syrup Class $25
•  Online DIY Bodycare Class $25
•  Mood Webinar: Herbs to Lift the Spirits and Regulate Mood $20

Also check out the following online intensive courses I have taught for other organizations...

Herbal Endocrine Support
via the American Herbalists Guild
This set of four intensive, advanced classes provides an introduction to the endocrine system and a focus on stress, blood sugar balance, thyroid, and reproductive health including useful herbs and formulation suggestions. $150 ($100 for AHG members). Click here to register.

ADHD Intensive
via the Herbal Academy
The three classes in this mini-course provide an overview of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder from a holistic perspective, an array of useful herbs, and how to customize a protocol to the individual. Traditional use, clinical experience, and modern science are covered for each herb. These herbs are herbs are useful for focus and cognition regardless of an ADHD diagnosis. This class is no longer available as a stand-alone course; however, access is included with membership to the Herbal Academy's Herbarium anytime ($45/year subscription) - click here to subscribe. (The Herbarium is an awesome resource of intensive and advanced articles, mini-courses, and herb monographs.)



Maria Out & About Individual Herb Classes

Don't have time to take a whole herbal series or just want a taste of what Maria has to offer? Register or swing by for one of her upcoming classes in New Hampshire or elsewhere in the country. Maria's classes are sure to inspire, educate, and empower you with the joy of herbs!

Upcoming Herbal Classes

Here's a quick overview of what's already on the docket, but more will be announced as the year goes on and details firm up.
Also stay tuned on the mailing list!

Art of Formulation - FULL!
NEW! Day-Long Intensive
Saturday, May 18, 10 am - 3 pm
At Wintergreen Botanicals, Allenstown, NH
This new, intensive class has been created at the request of students and budding herbalists! Feeling confused or lacking confidence in how to best extract and delivery your herbs for maximum potency or how to create a custom formula that works well? Explore the art and science of herbal formulation with Maria.
Topics will include…
•   Basic herbal energetics (hot, cold, moist, dry) and taste
•   Formulation: Primary, Supportive, Synergist/Harmonizer, Good Vibrations
•   Tricky Constituents: tannins, resin, mucilage, polysaccharides, etc.
•   When to opt for tea infusion, decoction, super infusion, cold infusion, ideal length of time
•   Tips for tinctures, teas, glycerites, vinegar, honey, oxymel, pill, powder, oils...
•   How to make remedies taste good
•   How to make remedies more potent
•   Bad combinations
•   Worksheet for formulating for a client
•   Food as Medicine: best herbs for delivery in food (hot milk, soup/broth, honey, vinegar, smoothie, oatmeal, hummus, nut butter balls, applesauce, yogurt, pesto…)
•   Alcohol-free options
•   Various tastings and hands-on activities to see how blending various herbs can elevate the medicine and flavor of your remedy
This intensive is $85 per person. Please bring a brown bag lunch.
THIS CLASS IS FULL. Email office@wintergreenbotanicals.com if you'd like to be put on the wait list and get first notice of 2020 registration.

2019 Book Tour & Conference Schedule

Maria will be busy in 2019 traveling to speak around the country in promotion of her new book, Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies. All methods of payment accepted.

Asheville, North Carolina!

Mother Earth News Fair
April 27-28 Weekend in Asheville, North Carolina
Maria will be teaching three workshops at this awesome, low-cost mecca of all things natural living! Learn more and register at www.motherearthnewsfair.com/north-carolina/

Portland & Eugene, Oregon!

Book Signing & Brain Boosting Herbs Talk
Saturday, May 4, 2-3 pm
At Powell's City of Books bookstore, Portland, Oregon
Join Maria for a light introduction to the many great herbs you can grow in the garden for Brain-Boosting activity, including easy homemade remedies. Free! No registration needed.  www.powells.com

Mountain Rose Herbs Free Herbalism Project
Sunday, May 5 in Eugene, Oregon
Maria is incredibly excited to be part of this totally free day-long event! She will be teaching a talk as part of the day's festivities on spring herbs for health, nourishment, and detoxification. Internationally known herbalist KP Khalsa will also speak at this event, and you'll also enjoy herb walks (including with Steven Yeager), live music with Moonlight Jubilee, and yoga! Totally free. Learn more and register at info.mountainroseherbs.com/free-herbalism-project.

New England!

International Herbal Symposium
June 7-9 Weekend in Norton, Massachusetts
Join Maria and an international lineup of herbalists and healers for this amazing conference! Maria's will teach on Growing and Using Peaceful Herbs as well as Brain-Boosting Herbs. She'll also be selling signed copies of her books at her booth and the special teacher book signing event. See the full event lineup and register at www.internationalherbsymposium.com. This event is likely to sell out!

NH Herb & Garden Day
Saturday, June 15, 9-5 pm
At Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury, New Hampshire
Join Maria for workshops, awesome herb plant sale, and local herbal artisan market from the New Hampshire Herbal Network Chapter of the AHG. Details and registration TBA at nhherbalnetwork.wordpress.com/herbday/

Saturday, June 22, 11-12:30 pm
Free Talk & Book Signing Event with Herbalist Maria Noel Groves
Uplifting & Mood-Boosting Herbs for the Garden
At Greenwood Herbals in Limerick, Maine
Join Maria for this free exploration of mood-elevating and supportive herbs that you can easily grow in the garden, including the amazing recipes you can make from these herbs including St. John’s Wort-Lemon Balm Pick Me Up Extract, Happy Tea, Good Mood Tincture, Holy Rose Water, and Rose Glycerite. This material is also featured in her 300+ page, full-color, new book Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies, which will be available to preview and purchase your very own signed copy (as well as Maria’s first best-selling book, Body into Balance). This new book will introduce you to more than 50 easy-to-grow herbs, organized by theme gardens for various health benefits, and loaded with simple, effective home remedy recipes. Get empowered by backyard medicine! Learn how to customize your own garden specific to the needs of you and your family. The talk is free, and the book costs $24.95. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted. Cost: $10 donation to the Maine Chapter of the AHG. Please register by emailing herbalist@greenwoodherbals.com or calling 207-793-3553.

Herbs for the Nervous & Immune System ~ In the Backyard!
Sunday, July 21, 10 am - Noon
At ifarm in Boxford, Massachusetts
Learn about both familiar and less common herbs that you can cultivate in your garden or wildcraft here in the Northeast that help with brain boosting, relaxation, nervous system wellbeing, and general immune health. Maria will introduce you to some of her favorite medicinal herbs, including skullcap, ashwagandha, gotu kola, bacopa, motherwort, echinacea, berberine-rich herbs, bee balm, alder, and garlic. She’ll share tips for growing or wildcrafting, as well as specific indications and recipe ideas for each herb’s medicinal properties. We’ll take a brief foray into the garden to meet several of these plants up close, and you’ll have the chance to see and taste all of them. After the talk, you’re welcome to preview and purchase signed copies of Maria’s books Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies (new!) and her best-selling Body into Balance. iFarm will also have dried herbs and live plants available for sale to get your apothecary and garden growing. All methods of payment accepted. This class will include a mix of power point and (weather-permitting) garden walk. $25 registration and details available here.

New England Women's Herbal Conference
August 23-25 Weekend in Hebron (Newfound Lake), New Hampshire
Maria's excited to join this event as a recent addition to the lineup. She'll be leading two herb walks and teaching her popular Kitchen Apothecary 101 class on how to make various herbal remedies. She'll also be selling signed copies of her book at her booth. Learn more at www.newomensherbal.com - registration opens in February and often sells out!


Great Lakes Herb Faire
September 6-8 Weekend in Chelsea, Michigan
Join Maria in this charming, informative herb conference in the Michigan forest! Maria will teach about Natural & Herbal Thyroid Support and Soothing Herbs for Gut Repair. She'll also sell signed copies of her books at her booth. Learn more at www.greatlakesherbfaire.org.


Mother Earth News Fair
September 13-15 Weekend in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania
Maria will be teaching three workshops at this awesome, low-cost mecca of all things natural living! Learn more and register at www.motherearthnewsfair.com/pennsylvania/

Late Season Classes

Cordials and Chocolate!
At Canterbury Shaker Village, 288 Shaker Road, Canterbury NH
Saturday, November 9, 10 am - 12:30pm
This class combines our popular herb and fruit cordial class with new material on making chocolate treats including truffles! Festive cordials featuring seasonal produce like apples, pears, and cranberries are a delicious way to celebrate the holidays, both to serve at gatherings and give as gifts. Fruit and herbs combine beautifully in simple, delicious recipes with limitless possibilities - sweet anise cordial, lemongrass fusion, Cape Codder cranberry, and spiced maple pear cordial, to name a few. Chocolate also provides the perfect backdrop for decadent sweets perfect for special occasions and gift giving. Maria will demonstrate the basics of cordial-making and infusing herbs in chocolate, including both simple and more complicated recipes. We'll make a batch of herb-infused truffles together for you to taste and bring home, and you'll also have the opportunity to craft your very own 4-ounce cordial. Whether you give these goodies as gifts or enjoy them for yourself is up to you! All ingredients and materials will be included for your take-home truffles and cordial except the alcohol (due to liquor regulations), which you can easily add at home. $50.00 Canterbury Shaker Village Member; $60.00 Non-Member. Register here.

Do-It-Yourself Herbal Holiday Body Care Gifts
At Canterbury Shaker Village, 288 Shaker Road, Canterbury NH
Saturday, November 9, 10 am - 12:30pm
Save money and your health with great, all-natural bodycare and herbal gifts. We’ll discuss and demonstrate the basic steps for making lip balm, body cream, bath salts & sugars, scrubs, aromatherapy spray, and massage oil—then get to make five of your own products to bring home and give as gifts. Find out just how easy it is to make big batches all at once! The holiday season is just beginning; start making gifts now while you have the time and enthusiasm, and create gift baskets to give this year. $45 for Canterbury Shaker Village Members; $50 for Non-Members. Register here.

More smaller local events to be announced as details firm up!

Did You Know?

American Herbalist Guild members get 10% off AHG Members are eligible for a 10% discount on all online series by Wintergreen Botanicals. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts and is not applicable to students who received their AHG membership as part of their Wintergreen Botanicals class registration. (To access the promo code, use your member login on the AHG website and go to the member discounts page.) Learn More

Also, many insurance and employee wellness programs (including SchoolCare) offer incentives, discounts, and reimbursements when you attend wellness classes like these. Check with your insurance company or HR/wellness department to see if the classes are eligible, and bring any necessary paperwork to class for Maria to sign.


Class Refund & Cancellation Policy

For Classes at Wintergreen Botanicals or Online ONLY

For classes at other locations, please see that organization’s policy.

Both classroom and online Wintergreen Botanicals class/series registrations are nonrefundable.

If you are displeased with the class or class materials and would like a refund, if you did not receive your online materials via email, or you feel this cancellation/refund policy is unfair to your situation, please contact Maria directly at office@wintergreenbotanicals.com to discuss.