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These free class notes and handouts are from my most popular classes as well as short/free classes where students got a handout with the option to download a lengthier version of the notes here. Click the linked title to download the PDF to your computer.

These topics are generally covered in much greater detail
in my books and my herbal courses (hint hint). 😉

Wildcrafting Tips & Common Wild Medicinal Herbs

Check out my Virtual Herb Walk page. Also see this sneak peek of my Herb Walk videos, which are a growing, new feature of the course materials for the Online Home Herbalist Series.

Herb Walk: Eastern Hemlock Tree

Sneak peek of a NEW feature for my online herbal study courses: herb walk videos! This is the FIRST one, featuring a personal favorite evergreen tree: eastern hemlock. More videos will be recorded as the season moves along (and warms up), to be added to the course content for both the Home Herbalist and Beyond series, available at https://wintergreenbotanicals.com/classes/ (you can turn the captions on or off in the settings gear)

Posted by Wintergreen Botanicals, LLC on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Backyard Medicine & Local Tea

This lengthy set of notes introduces you to the many great backyard herbs, how to grow and use them, a variety of remedy-making techniques, and tea-brewing tips and recipes.
Click here to download the notes.

Herbs for Energy & Stress
Zen Herbs/Adaptogens/Peaceful Herbs

This is a favorite topic of mine! Extended (though older) notes on herbs for relaxation and energy (link above) including adaptogens and more calming/nervine and mood-boosting herbs. Also see the Adaptogen Chart (this will print on one page but is in tiny print so you may prefer opening on a laptop so you can zoom in and out), as well as the short Growing & Using Peaceful Herbs and Herbs for Energy and Stress handouts, this video on how to make my favorite sleep tea. and enjoy the radio show of me chatting up my favorite adaptogens.
Click here to download the main class notes.

Herbal Kitchen Recipes Quick Handout

Quick recipes for making herbal tinctures, oils, vinegar, honey, etc.
Click here to download the notes

Percolation Tincture Directions

Borrow from old apothecaries with this medicine-making technique for tincturing dry herbs in just 24 hours. Click here to watch a video and above to get the notes with close up color pictures.
Click here to download the detailed notes, including full color close-up  photos of the process.

Blending Teas & the Art of Formulation

These notes (above) go along with the free video class I'm did on the Mother Earth Living FB page - click here to watch. Sponsored by the fabulous folks at Mountain Rose Herbs.
Click here to download the notes.

All About Herbal Tea Blends

Learn all about herbal tea blends with Hannah and Maria Noel Groves!

Posted by Mother Earth Living on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Herbal Nutritives

Also check out this video recording of an Herbal Nutritives class I did during my 2016 Body into Balance book tour ~


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You can also find a lot of great info in my selected past articles and blog posts listed here