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Good health grows in nature, especially when you plant healing herbs in your backyard! But, what should you plant in your garden? In my forthcoming book, you'll meet more than 50 easy-to-grow medicinal herbs and more than 20 themed healing gardens based on body systems and common healing concerns, chock full of recipes! Healing topics and recipes include daily tonics, stress relief, flavorful herbs, brain boosters, digestive support, detoxification, skin care, pain relief, and more.

Update! The original release date was March 19, but there has been a bit of a delay, and the new release date is April 2. Release dates aren't exact, so you might get your preorder(s) a tad earlier (or later), but I will send your preorder(s) out as soon as humanly possible!

Yes, this book is also available for preorder (sometimes for less money) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and other online booksellers, but...



If you preorder the book directly from me, you'll better support the work that I do AND you'll get it a SIGNED copy with the opportunity for a CUSTOM INSCRIPTION. $24.95 Softcover

Your order will ship in late March/ early April 2019, hot off the press.

You're sure to love this book! 

And You'll Get Bonus Items!

  1. Bonus e-Book containing...
  2. In-Depth Book Overview Including Easy Reference Lists of Recipes & Plants Covered
  3. Additional Plant Profiles of Alder, Aloe, Evergreens, Magnolia, New England Aster, Peach, Witch Hazel
  4. "Bonus Chapter" on Medicinal Mushrooms including Growing, Wildcrafting, Processing, Recipes, and Profiles on Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tails, Chaga, and Maitake
  5. Huge Chart Overview of Growing Needs and Habits of ALL the Plants Covered in the Book and Bonus e-Book
  6. To-Be-Announced online classes and videos!

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The Book at a Glance

Note that the book is still being tweaked and are subject to minor changes before the book is officially completed.

Journey into the Book ~

Check out the Tentative Table of Contents



The Start of the Introduction

Basic Herb Preservations and Remedy Techniques Fully Illustrated

Opener to the Daily Tonics Section

Detox Forager Opener

Chock Full of Recipes within Each Garden Theme!

Healing Theme Gardens Focus on Four to Five Favorite Herbs Each

Opener to the Garden Section on Topical Herbs

Detailed Plant Profiles on More than 50 Cultivated & Wild Herbs